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About Basil

Basil Alhadi is a DJ, singer, songwriter, composer, filmmaker, creative director. He studied filmmaking and acting at the New York Film Academy and comes from a musical family. Growing up in various cities in the Arab world, he is heavily influenced by the 90’s culture and has a love for mixed Arabic genres and artists like Hameed Elshaeri, Ziad Alrahbany, Firqat Al Ukhwah, Aisha Almartah, and Awad Al Dokhi.

Basil draws his inspiration from street culture and the common person. Commenting on his childhood, he will say that buying cassettes from tiny music shops was one of his biggest joys. He secretly practiced performing and singing so that one day he would sing for his family and friends. As time went on, Basil’s developed multiple creative and strategic skills that enabled him to build a portfolio drawing on various crafts including filmmaking, music production and fashion and in 2008 Basil created Karrouhat, his eponymous name.


Karrouhat is a lifestyle brand with a sophisticated sense of art direction and music.

We step in to create a vibe for a pre-established community that immediately connects with our creative concepts. Looking at our profile, I believe you will come to see that Basil Alhadi and his colleagues have shaped a movement that is influencing youth segments across our region and empowering them with a message of love and unity. 


Our music is grounded in the root of our inspiration. It can be described as a tribute to our culture and childhood. Our creative is nostalgic and brings back the real genuine Arab childhood. The music itself moves people’s emotions in a subtle way because our beats carry many rhythmic nuances and references. It is the voice of the youth and you are steering in its direction by working with us. When DJing, Karrouhat curates Arabic music and is adept at moving the dancefloor, no matter what their age or cultural background.

KARROUHAT in Fashion

Style is an extension of Karrouhat’s vision. He can rock the best of outfits and is known for his trendsetting style, a laid-back, confident attitude drawing on street culture. His outfits are compelling, charming and unique. Most recently, Karrouhat collaborated with Burberry Middle East during London Fashion Week 2018 and walked the runway during Paris Fashion Week 2019 and 2020.


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